Photo of the interior of an art museum. Foreground: Matthew Collie faces camera standing back to back with a woman. Both are holding white PVC poles. Background: Crowd in orange vests watching. Photo by Kensie Wallner.

Pumpjack Duet Dance

The Oil Project

Ensemble Devised Production

Theatre B

Photo of a group of five people, including Matthew Collie, in a row smiling for the camera.

"How do you even begin to say, 'Well, this is our resident ghost.'" - The Rector

The Bishop Comes for a Visit

The Rector

Staged Reading

My Last Wife

Student Film

Concordia College

Movie poster for the student film "My Last Wife."

"To new beginnings." - Senator

Photo of a Matthew Collie in a white shirt and cap talking into a microphone on a black background.

Tailgating an Ambulance

Ambulance Chasing

Community Storytelling Competition

The Tell