Show Summary

Role: Cléante

Playwright: Molière

Translator: Richard Wilbur

Director: Dustin J. Martin

Company: SummerStage of Delafield

Performance Dates: June 7 – 23, 2018

Number of Performances: 9 

Style: Outdoor Proscenium


This French farce takes place in the home of the wealthy Orgon, where Tartuffe – a con man and religious impostor – has insinuated himself. He succeeds magnificently in winning the respect and devotion of the head of the house and then tries to seduce his wife, marry his daughter, and scrounge the deed to the property. He nearly gets away with it, but an emissary from the king arrives in time to recover the property, free Orgon, and haul Tartuffe off to jail by exposing his hypocrisy. All the while, Molière mercilessly examines the hypocrisy that men commit and the dangers that imperil those would only believe what they choose to believe despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

"If I may offer a word of counsel here..." - Cléante

Media Coverage

Show Review – Wisconsin Theatre Spotlight – June 11, 2018

"...all performers in “Tartuffe” carry on with the vigor and verve of a modern farce."

Show Review – GM Today – June 14, 2018

"...and Cleante, the voice of reason who represents the Age Of Enlightenment and most echoes Moliere’s viewpoint (Matthew Collie) who also render outstanding performances."

Playbill Biography

Matthew M. Collie


2018: Cléante in Tartuffe, Mr. Bingley / Colonel Fitzwilliam in Pride and Prejudice.  Inaugural Season.  Other: Betrayal, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Sunset Playhouse), Vows, Nesting Dolls (Cooperative Performance), The Sweet New, Equivocation (Shag), The Oil Project, 33 Variations, Wit (Theatre B of Moorhead, MN).  Etc: Matthew is a member of the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame.

Production Photo Credits

Production photos were taken by the jolly and responsive George Katsekes Jr. If you enjoy the work please support George.