Matthew Collie dressed as Mr. Bingley kissing Jane and Elizabeth looks on for a production of Pride and Prejudice

"Promise me you won't move so much as a ribbon." - Mr. Bingley

Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Bingley / Colonel Fitzwilliam

SummerStage of Delafield

Matthew Collie dressed as Cleanté for a production of Tartuffe

"If I may offer a word of counsel here..." - Cléante



SummerStage of Delafield


Robert (Matthew Collie) and Jerry sitting and facing each other.

"Well, to be brutally honest, we wouldn't actually want a woman around, would we, Jerry?" - Robert



Sunset Playhouse

Matthew Collie dressed as the King of France for a production of All's Well That Ends Well

"I am not a day of season,
For thou mayst see a sunshine and a hail
In me at once: but to the brightest beams
Distracted clouds give way; so stand thou forth;
The time is fair again." - King

All's Well That Ends Well


Original Practices Milwaukee


Five actors performing a scene from The Comedy of Errors

"For slander lives upon succession,
For ever housed where it gets possession." -Balthazar

The Comedy of Errors


Original Practices Milwaukee

Vanessa and Bradley (Matthew Collie) sitting facing each other on a bed.

"Divine inspiration does exist. How else do you explain The Big Lebowski?" - Bradley



Cooperative Performance

Man (Matthew Collie) and two woman standing facing each other

"Oh, you're real! I've been down here so long I was beginning to think this is all a dream." - Jack

Nesting Dolls

Jack/Man/Homeless Man

Cooperative Performance

Photo of three people around a table. On the left, a young boy in a white shirt and red hat sits. Matthew Collie in a blue stripped shirt leans on the table, center, looking at a woman on the left. The woman is looking at the man. Photo by Maria Pretzl

"He brings her into a dungeon?" - Miles

She Kills Monsters


Village Playhouse

Photo of Matthew Collie in a fedora carrying groceries with a worried look on a blue black background. Photo by George Katsekes Jr.

"Does that mean I have to go?" - Bob

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Bob Bradley

Sunset Playhouse

Production photo of The Sweet New by Raymond Rea. Larry, played by Matthew Collie, sits at a table facing Vivian who clutches at her neck worried. Photo by Kensie Wallner.

"I love you Vivian. ... I saw you sing and I thought, that voice is all I want to hear." - Lorenzo

The Sweet New (World Premiere)


Theatre B

Production photo from Equivocation by Bill Cain. Judith (left) and Shag (right, played by Matthew Collie) hold hands. Photo by Kensie Wallner.

"Theatre's a small world, but it's built on affection and trust." - Shag



Theatre B

Photo of three men. Two are facing each other angrily. The third, Matthew Collie, is in the middle anxious. Photo by Robbie Njos.

"If a boy knows the weather you got to call it a blessin'." - Basil

The Diviners

Basil Bennett

Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre

Production photo from 33 Variations. Five people, Matthew Collie, two women, and two men sit in wheelchairs arranged in a row. The men are dressed in 19th century formal attire, the women in modern semi-professional attire. Behind them is a pianist at a piano with scores of music painted on the walls.  Photo by Michael Benedict.

"The first composition Beethoven wrote there was the variations on Diabelli's waltz, which had taken his fancy in a curious way." - Schindler

33 Variations

Anton Schindler

Theatre B

Photo of a hospital bed with a female patient. Standing around the bed are five people dressed in hospital coats or scrubs. To the left is two men, one older, one younger one (Matthew Collie). To the right are two women and one man. Photo by Michael Benedict.

"Professor Bearing. How are you feeling today?" - Jason


Dr. Jason Posner

Theatre B