Show Summary


Nesting Dolls: Jack/Man/Homeless Man

Vows: Bradley


Nesting Dolls: Stephen F. Murray

Vows: Lillian Schley


Nesting Dolls: JJ Gatesman

Vows: Dylan K. Sladky

Company: Cooperative Performance Milwaukee

Performance Dates: June 1 – 17, 2017

Number of Performances: 9

Style: Black Box, Modified Thrust - Audience on two sides, no backstage upstage


Seven original one-acts ranging from scripted realism living room drama to devised dance distillation of one person’s life.  I performed in two of the one acts.

Nesting Dolls - A clowning performance addressing the nature of choice and and hope amongst the oft-overlooked members of society: the homeless.

"Oh, you're real!  I've been down here so long I was beginning to think this is all a dream." - Jack

Vows - A scripted dramedy wherein a new couple - an Episcopal pastor and a atheist - getting ready in the morning discuss faith, love, and the future of their relationship.

"Divine inspiration does exist.  How else do you explain The Big Lebowski?" - Bradley

Media Coverage

Show Review – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – June 3, 2017

Show Review – Shepard Express – June 9, 2017

Nesting Dolls:

"...Matthew M. Collie is charming as a mystical man in a jester’s hat..."


"Anna Murray and Matthew M. Collie’s charisma and chemistry go a really long way here ... Murray and Collie bring that compelling interaction to the stage with a very organic feeling of emotion and human connection."

Show Synopsis – Shepard Express  – June 13, 2017


"...genuine chemistry and charisma between actors Anna Murray and Matthew M. Collie."

Playbill Biography

Matthew M. Collie is making his Cooperative Performance Milwaukee debut.  A recent transplant to Milwaukee, Matthew’s local credits include Miles (She Kills Monsters) at Village Playhouse and Father/Bob Bradley (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever) at Sunset Playhouse.  Other credits: Lorenzo (The Sweet New), Shag (Equivocation), The Oil Project, Anton Schindler (33 Variations), and Dr. Jason Posner (wit) with Theater B of Fargo, North Dakota; and Basil Bennett (The Diviners) with Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater. Matthew is a member of the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame.

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Production Photo Credits

Production photos were taken by the eminently professional and excellently named Matthew D. Konkel. If you enjoy the work please support Matthew.