Top Songs 2017 is the seventh annual listing of my top music for the year. Reminiscent of the first few lists, Top Songs 2017’s memorable songs are by artists unknown to me or artists I listen to infrequently.

  YouTube Playlist:

Or Spotify if that’s your preference (not complete).

Top 50 Songs of 2017

Running for The Top

Three very different male voices lend their vocalics to these songs that I could not stop listening to.

  1. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man
    John Gourley has such a smooth, high voice.
  2. I’ll Be Around by The Growlers
    The growly voice of Brooks Nielsen is what really gives this song attitude. 
  3. Human by Rag’n’Bone Man
    Rory Graham sounds like a Rag’n’Bone man.

TheatreLogo for 2017 Cooperative Performance One Acts

One Acts

  1. When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men’s Eyes (Sonnet 29) by Rufus Wainwright
    I used this as the basis for a song I sang in Cooperative Performance’s production of Nesting Dolls.
  2. Jesus is Just Alright by The Doobie Brothers (Vows)
    My priest character’s wonderful ringtone  in Cooperative Performance’s production of Vows.


Lots of the Suzuki acting techniques are set to music. Come practice with me and the Cooperative Performance troupe!  

  1. Shape of My Heart by Sting
  2. Martha My Dear by The Beatles
  3. They by Jem
  4. Machine Gun by Portishead
    Imagine Lady M.
  5. My Moon My Man by Feist



  1. Jah Werx
    SUSTO was the opening act for The Lumineers. They were solid, and this song really grew on me.

The Lumineers

  1. Gun Song
    The Lumineers are storytellers, but hearing Wesley Schultz tell us the real background behind this story made this song more captivating.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. By The Way
    In the rain! 🙁
    NoApologyAdvocate fixes everything! 🙂

Spin Doctors

  1. Two Princes
    After the Chili Peppers, the Spin Doctors were rocking out in the rain.


  1. HandClap by Fritz and the Tantrums           
  2. I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte
  3. Pressure Drop by The Specials
  4. Holocene By Bon Iver
    I think this was a cool down song.

An Immediate Response of Definitely

Album cover Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans

The Tatooine Cantina band liked it so much, they played it three days after release.

  1. Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans and
    With Illicit Help from Your Friends by Palette-Swap Ninja
    RIP Carrie Fisher.
    Listen to the whole album, it is a brilliant parody-homage to Sgt. Pepper and Star Wars.
  2. Common People by William Shatner
    Lyrics are great and Shatner builds intensity well.
  3. You’re Not Alone by The Mowgli’s
  4. Hole in My Soul by Kaiser Chiefs
  5. Die Young by Sylvan Esso
    Top notch band name.
  6. Havana by Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug
    This song feels as smooth as I imagine a sweltering Havana night feels.
  7. No Roots by Alice Merton
    This song f—ing rocks.

A Funk/Soul Interlude

  1. Ain’t It a Sin by Charles Bradley
    RIP Charles Bradley.
    The best description I read of Bradley’s sound is that his 1970s funk/soul sound from today has more legitimacy than artists who recorded in the 1970s.
  2. Hard Times by Baby Huey
  3. Sooner or Later by Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Cover Break

  1. The Infamous Stringdusters cover The Killers’ When You Were Young

From A.V. Undercover.

Get Down

  1. Baby I’m Broken by The Record Company
  2. Buttercup by Lucinda Williams
    There is nothin’ but real life and pain in Miss Williams’ country twang.
  3. Cold Cold Cold by Cage the Elephant
  4. Down by Marian Hill
  5. Night Ride by The Growlers
  6. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed
  7. Stressed Out by Twenty Øne Piløts
    Makes me bounce.
  8. You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen
    From Cohen’s final album.

Video Break

  1. Obsession by OK Go

Get Up

  1. Animal Spirits by Vulfpeck
    Such silly happiness.
  2. Born Yesterday by Hollerado
  3. Here in Spirit by Jim James
  4. I Need Never Get Old by Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats
  5. Ink On My Skin by Reyna
    ‘Ink on my skin’ is a simple image, and my favorite piece of lyrical poetry of the year.
  6. Learn to Let Go by Kesha
    Glad Kesha is releasing music again. I like this anthem lyrically better than similar anthems like “Roar” by Katie Perry because Kesha does not rely exclusively on generic language.  There’s real advice here.
  7. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
    Obligatory through ubiquity. A good song nonetheless.
  8. Take It All Back by Judah & The Lion
  9. Up All Night by Beck
  10. Want You Back by HAIM
    HAIM’s brand of aloof cool permeates the music video for this song.
  11. Why We Fight by Fast Romantics
  12. Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My) by Matoma
    I am a sucker for positive kid-targeted movie pop, I guess.

Can It Be Top Songs 2017 Without…?

Well, it happened. Top Songs 2017 does not have a They Might Be Giants song. 2017 is the first Top Songs list without the Brooklyn duo. If you are feeling TMBG deficient, peruse the other Top Songs posts for a TMBG infusion. The new TMBG album “I Like Fun” is out, Dial-a-Song is active again, and TMBG is touring soon, so I have a good feeling something from John and John will be on Top Songs 2018.

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